A Half-Life Novel

Half-Life: Phase Transition is a prequel novel to the comic book series Half-Life: A Place in the West.

When a scientific experiment at a research complex inadvertently unleashes interdimensional chaos on an unsuspecting Earth, humanity becomes the target of a totalitarian organisation called the Combine. After seven hours of brutal warfare, humanity surrenders to the dark invaders.

A pilot, Ray Casumi, is arrested by the Combine authorities and shipped to Eastern Europe, where prisons masquerading as cities are starting to rise. His fate is forever altered when a team of daring scientists spring him from captivity.

Soon Ray is thrust on a journey that takes him into the heart of the Combine's regime -- and to the lone spark of hope that may yet save their world.

Half-Life: Phase Transition will be releasing in 2022. See the FAQ for more information. You can also download the chapters as PDFs by clicking below.